Distinctions Between ADHD Professionals

blocks 6-16-16Coaches often work in tandem with other professionals.

Coaches: Coaching is an action-oriented process driven by clients. Through this partnership, clients identify their goals, strengths, and challenges. They develop detailed action plans leading them toward their goals. Coaches provide support and structure helping clients develop the awareness, skills, and strategies they need to move forward.

Therapists: Significant emotional and psychological problems create obstacles to successful coaching. When coaches detect these barriers they refer clients to licensed therapists for treatment. Therapists help individuals uncover the source of stress, pain, resentment, etc. They also help their patients resolve or cope with these problems. Behavioral therapists help clients reach goals by changing behavior.

Psychiatrists: Psychiatrists are physicians who diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders. Many people with ADHD benefit from medications that treat hyperactivity, attention, or co-occurring disorders such as depression. Psychiatrists prescribe and manage these drugs. Coaches don’t diagnose or treat ADHD.

Tutors: Tutors have expertise and experience in specific areas of study. Many people with ADHD also have learning disabilities. Tutors, who understand learning disabilities, can be of great help to ADHD students whose learning disabilities compound academic challenges.

logo w contact info and exec funct 6-8-18 Bev on left Coaching on right


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