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Bright, creative, and talented students and adults, struggle with executive function skills such as:

  • getting started and staying on task
  • organizing things and thoughts
  • prioritizing and planning
  • managing time
  • avoiding distractions and focusing
  • controlling impulses
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As an ADHD/executive function coach, I partner with clients to help them develop the skills, strategies, and confidence that will help them more effectively manage their lives. By listening without judgment and asking open-ended thought-provoking questions I help teens, college students, and adults:

  • identify their goals, strengths, and challenges
  • think through the many steps involved in reaching their goals and create a realistic plan of action
  • become more accountable by sharing progress during and between sessions
  • untangle obstacles and brainstorm solutions
  • implement effective strategies
  • learn from setbacks by being curious—without shame
  • notice the things they do well, which are often overshadowed by their challenges
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Individuals with ADHD symptoms often know what they want to get done but don’t know how to do it.

Neurobiological challenges such as disorganization, impulsivity, and inattentiveness can look like laziness, irresponsibility, and indifference. By the time a person with these challenges reaches high school, they are well acquainted with shame, disappointment, and frustration.


My goal for student and adult clients is independence. When clients can see their challenges from a more productive perspective, create and follow their own action plans, think through obstacles and adapt plans accordingly, and learn positive habits I fade out the supports I provide.

About Beverly:

I  am an ADHD and executive function coach and have been working with young people with executive function challenges for over fifteen years. A graduate of the University of Michigan, I received coach training from the ADD Coach Academy and JST Coach Training. I live in Beverly Hills, Michigan (read more here).

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I meet with clients once a week for thirty to forty-five minutes. Between sessions, adult and student clients share their progress via text or email.

If you’d like to learn more about how I coach or coaching in general, please email or call. We’ll schedule a 30-minute consultation, at no charge. Coaches differ in personality, style, and technique; it’s important to find a certified coach who is a good fit.

I look forward to talking with you!

Warm regards,

Beverly Wood

 Images courtesy of Morguefile.com and Barb Wood Photography

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